Received a Documented Vessel letter and return

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If you received a letter and Documented Vessel (DV) return, this is because our office either received information from the Coast Guard to have a tax account created, or one of our inspectors logged your vessel as being present in Beaufort County over 180 days.

The included return form will need to be completed and returned to our office with updated information for your vessel, as well as a current fair market value, so that your tax bill may be generated appropriately. Failure to complete and return this form on or before the date listed on the form may result in an additional 10% penalty as per state law §12-37-800. You are welcome to fill out the request ticket form linked at the bottom of this article and attach a copy of the completed return for processing.

However, if you feel this notice has been sent in error, please contact our office by filling out the request ticket form linked below. If your vessel has not been located within Beaufort County during the tax year in question, copies of additional supporting documents (such as marina invoices or slips, dockage documentation, storage contracts, and/or fuel receipts) will be required.

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