Received a Rental Inquiry and/or Reminder postcard in the mail

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If you received a rental personal property inquiry and/or reminder postcard in the mail, this means your property is currently being assessed at the 6% secondary or non-residence tax rate. All properties listed at this tax rate are required to report to our office on whether or not the property in question is being used as a rental. Additionally, any real property that is rented must file a rental return with our office, whether taxed at 4% per State Law §12-43-220 or at 6%.

To satisfy the postcard, please file the rental return form through our website. You will be emailed a copy of the completed return through email for your records: Return on 6% Assessed Real Property or Rental Residential Property Form

Your PIN (Property ID) requested on the form can be found on the inside of the postcard you received, or on your real property tax bill. For multiple properties, the postcard may contain multiple PINs.*

Location on postcard:


Location on real property tax bill:


If you no longer have the postcard or do not have a copy of your tax bill, the PIN can be found using the account lookup online: Real Property Information

Additionally, if the property is your primary residence, we recommend contacting the Beaufort County Assessor’s office to apply for their Legal Residence Application and receive the 4% benefits on your real property taxes. The Assessor’s office can be reached at either 843-255-2400 (ext. 3) or, while their Legal Residence Application can be found online: Assessor Forms


*To determine the property/properties associated with your PIN/PINs, you can use either: the Real Property Information lookup choosing Functions: Real Property, Search By: Property ID (PIN) on the left side menu; the Treasurer's "Tax Document Lookup" to locate copies of the tax bills searching by PIN; or you will need to locate your real property bills. On the real property bills, the specific property address can be found in the Description box. On the Real Property Information lookup, the property address can be located under either "Parcel Address" or "Legal Description".

Property location on real property tax bill:


Property location on Real Property Information lookup:


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