Updating the mailing address on your Watercraft account

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To update the mailing address for your watercraft, this will need to be done through the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Instructions on how to update your mailing address through their website can be found below:

Update Mailing Address with DNR
  1. Access the site at gooutdoorssouthcarolina.com
  2. Select the "Vessel Registration" tile
  3. Login to your account using last name, date of birth and last four of SSN. There is a drop down for more options that allows you to enter other information, like customer ID number or Driver's License Number, instead of the SSN.
  4. When you login, click the green Update Profile button near the top-middle of the page.
  5. Once selected, this allows you to make any changes to your address at the bottom of the page. If your physical address differs from your mailing address, you can click the "Different Mailing Address" checkmark box at the bottom-left of the page, if it is not already selected, to also change your mailing address.
  6. Click the Update Customer button at the bottom of the page. Once submitted, your mailing address has been updated.

If you run into issues with the above instructions, DNR can be reached at 803-734-3857 (Columbia) or 843-953-9301 (Charleston). Alternatively, a copy of their “Address Change” form can be found on their website and mailed to them: Boating - Forms

Once DNR has been updated, they will forward the address change information to our office when your next renewal tax bill is issued. However, if this address change is done within 90 days of your registration expiring or when your next renewal bill is expected due, DNR may have already forwarded our office your old address information. It is recommended to contact the Beaufort County Treasurer's office to determine if there is a bill ready to be paid.

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