Received a 120 Days notice, but the Watercraft is now registered out of state

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If the watercraft you received the bill for has since been reregistered out of state, you will first need to start with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Until DNR’s records are updated, they will keep forwarding our office information annually to bill the watercraft in question. Instructions on how to update the status of your watercraft through their website can be found below, courtesy of DNR:

Update Watercraft Status with DNR
  1. Access the site at
  2. Select the "Vessel Registration" tile
  3. Login to your account using last name, date of birth and last four of SSN.  There is a drop down for more options that allows you to enter other information, like customer ID number or Driver's License Number, instead of the SSN.
  4. When you login, there is a list of all active boats and motors on your account. Click the Reg Application ID or Registration Number of the boat/motor you would like to update.
  5. At the top right corner of the page, there is a red button for "Notification of Change"
  6. Once selected, this allows you to enter a date of status change and choose the type of change (registered out of state/moved out of state). Complete the requested information then submit.
  7. Once submitted, the status of the boat or motor has been updated.

If you run into issues with the above instructions, or if your watercraft was registered in a business or LLC name while in South Carolina, please contact DNR at 803-734-3857 (Columbia) or 843-953-9301 (Charleston). Alternatively, a copy of their “Request for Boat and/or Motor Status Change” form can also be found on their website and mailed to them: Boating - Forms

Once DNR’s records are updated, our office will require a copy of the out of state title or registration for the associated watercraft. Please submit these documents to our office by filling out the request ticket form linked below. We will then be able to prorate the bill based on when the watercraft was registered out of state, and the bill would be due with the Beaufort County Treasurer’s office (843-341-8404). Note that our office will not be able to prorate the bill until DNR's records are first updated.

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