Making payment on a Motor Vehicle bill to renew decal and registration

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Payments are handled with the Beaufort County Treasurer’s office at 843-341-8404 or through As long as the bill is current and paid timely, you will be mailed your updated decal and registration from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

However, if your current vehicle bill is paid after the due date, it is recommended to take a copy of your paid tax receipt issued by the Treasurer’s office to DMV to pick up the updated decal and registration. While personal property taxes are paid in your primary county of residence, you can visit any DMV in the state to request updated copies of your decal and registration.

For any other questions on registration renewal, please contact the South Carolina DMV at either 803-896-5000 (Columbia), 843-379-8822 (Beaufort) or 843-815-6981 (Bluffton).

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