I received a Motor Vehicle renewal, but the vehicle has been taken off the road

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If you received a renewal tax bill for a vehicle you have taken off the road, our office will not be able to remove the bill. Vehicle tax bills can only be removed if you have sold, junked, or otherwise transferred ownership of the vehicle to another party, or have reregistered the vehicle in another state, and such proof has been provided to our office for review.

Returning the license plate to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) prevents further tax information from being forwarded to our office, but if the vehicle is still listed in your name as the owner in South Carolina, any outstanding taxes would remain. Once the vehicle is ready to be put back on the road, you will need to notify our office, and the account you received a bill for may need to be updated to cover the period of time the vehicle was off the road.

Further correspondence

If a vehicle you had off the road needs its property account updated, please contact our office using the request ticket form linked here:
Motor Vehicle Request Ticket

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