Appealing the value of a 120 Days Motor Vehicle bill

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To appeal the appraised value of your 120 Days vehicle tax bill, you will need to fill out the “Vehicle Assessment Appeal Form”. The completed appeal to include a copy of your bill of sale can then be submitted to our office by filling out the request ticket form linked below and attaching the appeal to the form. The Auditor will reply to your appeal within 30 days in the form of a letter in the mail.

If your appeal is approved and the bill is unpaid, you will receive an adjusted bill with the Auditor's letter. If the bill has been paid and the appeal is approved, you will receive a refund check for the difference from the Treasurer’s office 4-6 weeks after the appeal has been processed. Appealing your vehicle does not change the due date of your bill. In addition, approved appeals also do not permanently change your vehicle's value on the account and must be requested annually.

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