Requesting high mileage to reduce a 120 Days Motor Vehicle bill

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Please review the High Mileage Chart article. If your vehicle meets or exceeds the required mileage to be considered high mileage, it may be eligible for a discount on the personal property taxes. To request the high mileage exemption, our office will need the following:

  • A picture of the qualifying vehicle’s odometer
  • A picture of the qualifying vehicle’s South Carolina license plate (or the VIN as seen on the vehicle if it has not yet been registered in South Carolina)
  • Filling out the High Mileage form (found in the High Mileage Chart article linked above)

Once your information has been processed, an adjusted 120 Days tax bill will be emailed to you. Please be aware that the high mileage exemption can only be processed before the due date of your bill and must be requested annually.

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