Disabled veterans registering a Motor Vehicle

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If you have a vehicle you recently purchased, leased, were gifted, or are looking to reregister from another state or county, but you are a 100% totally and permanently disabled veteran, you may be eligible to receive exemptions on up to 2 motor vehicles. However, you will first need to start with our office to have a vehicle property tax bill created, pay the tax bill with the Beaufort County Treasurer's office and receive a paid receipt, and finally register the vehicle with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and receive your new license plate, decal, and registration.

Please refer to one of the following articles depending on your situation:
Recently purchased, leased, or was gifted a Motor Vehicle
Reregistering a Motor Vehicle from another state
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Following registration with DMV, a “PT-401I” form will need to be completed and submitted to the South Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR). Once this form has been processed, DOR will mail you a “Property Tax Exemption Approval” letter that can then be forwarded to our office to potentially initiate a refund for the taxes paid. Please refer to the article "Disabled veterans requesting a refund on paid Motor Vehicle taxes" for more information.

For future reference, anytime you sell or replace an exempt vehicle with a different vehicle, you must redo the application process with DOR for your latest vehicle purchase and have your old vehicle information removed from their records. Transferring your license plate off your exempt vehicle to your replacement vehicle will not automatically carry over your exemption benefits.

For questions on the vehicle exemption process, DOR can be reached at 803-898-5700 or Property.Exemptions@dor.sc.gov, while additional information can be found on their website: Exempt Property

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To begin the process of having your motor vehicle registered, please provide our office the above applicable documentation by filling out and attaching documents to the request ticket form linked here:
Motor Vehicle Request Ticket

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