Active duty military requesting a refund on paid Watercraft taxes

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For members of the military who are active duty and claim their home of record in a state outside of South Carolina, personal property exemption benefits are available. If you are active duty and recently paid a tax bill for your watercraft, our office will need the following:

  • A Leave and Earning Statement (LES) for the same month the bill was due, or up to 2 months prior
  • If the active duty member recently checked in to South Carolina, their signed and stamped Original Orders (printouts of the online Web Orders are not accepted) or Reporting Endorsement Orders
  • If a co-owner is listed, the front and back of their dependent military ID if they are a dependent, or their respective LES if they are active duty

The requested documentation can be submitted through the request ticket form linked below. Copies can be scans or images taken from a smartphone, as long as the information is legible and preferably in PDF or a common image file format (PNG, JPEG).

Once the requested documentation has been received, we will review your account. If approved, you will receive a refund check in the mail after 4-6 weeks from the Beaufort County Treasurer's office. It is recommended to include a good mailing address for the refund to be mailed to in your message. Note that refunds can only be requested on paid property tax bills up to 2 years after you made your payment.

Please be aware that we are not able to refund renewal fees charged by DNR. Likewise, if a non-dependent or non-active duty member is listed as a co-owner on the watercraft registration, you may be entitled to a half military exemption instead of the full exemption, and a partial amount of the watercraft bill will be refunded.

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