Disabled veterans and Homestead

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For 100% totally and permanently disabled veterans, you may qualify for greater benefits on your house taxes based on the approval by the South Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR). If approved, you will receive an award letter from DOR to provide to the Beaufort County Assessor's office for additional processing on your house account. For questions on the benefits of this process, please contact the Assessor's office at 843-255-2400 (extension 3) or assessor@bcgov.net. Likewise, DOR can be reached at 803-898-5700 or Property.Exemptions@dor.sc.gov, while additional information can be found on their website: Exempt Property

If you are not approved or not eligible for benefits through DOR, however, please refer to the article "Qualifying for Homestead based on disability" for information on applying for the Homestead exemption based on disability with our office.

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